Session Proposal: Playing with AR

For this session, I’ll prepare some Augmented Reality examples that we can play around with using two free AR apps – Aurasma and Blippar. Both sites offer different ways of utilizing AR for instruction.

In the summer/fall of 2016, I used Aurasma to create a Harry Potter themed AR Murder Mystery that was both a test of resources and self-guided tour for students during our Welcome Week. Recently, I went to an AR training our CTL put on that used Blippar, which seems to have some features that Aurasma did not have, including the ability to use various types of documents and presentations that pop up for students, including PowerPoint and websites.

Essentially, for this session, I envision having different images prepared that we can use in a game format where participants will download the free apps onto their phones or tablets and follow along, learning how the game/apps work. Then, we can sit down and look at the back end of the apps, seeing how to set something similar up.