Michèle Vialet

  • Professor
  • U of Cincinnati

I am the current Director of European Studies, a interdisciplinary program out of McMicken College of Arts & Sciences at the U of Cincinnati. A faculty-driven program, it offers an undergraduate certificate of European Studies and holds a Workshop Series every spring semester. I teach and do research in French and Francophone studies, especially French Classicism (comic novels; Classical theater; the Moralists; the power of laughter) and 20th- 21st century colonial and post-colonial literatures, cultures and films (Maghreb, Rwanda, exile and immigration, racism, and the representation of Africa in pictures and films). My publications include a monograph on Le roman bourgeois (1666), an iconoclastic novel by Antoine Furetière, two special volumes of essays: Assia Djebar: écrivaine entre deux rives (2011), and Kristeva in Process: The Fertility of Thought (2013), and articles and book chapters in French and Francophone literature.

I also enjoy teaching introduction to literary analysis, intermediate and advanced linguistic and cultural literacy. I have coauthored two intermediate and advanced college books: Bravo! [1989] (Cengage, 8th rev. ed. 2015) and À vous d’écrire: atelier de francais (McGraw-Hill, 1996).